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North Florida Baptist Church Engage 2024


ENGAGE is NFBC's 2024 Vision and Mission. There are 4 areas of engagement that we believe are key for the health of our church. This year we are going to seek to intentionally take steps to deepen in these areas. We want to help you (1) Engage the Word, (2) Engage Biblical Community, (3) Engage your Circle, and (4) Engage the Nations.

North Florida Baptist Church Engage 2024


Spending time encountering God through His Word is vital for your walk with Him. We want to invite the church to join us this year in a plan to read through the New Testament, along with Psalms and Proverbs.  You can download our 2024 Reading Plan with the link below. 

North Florida Baptist Church Engage 2024


The church is not a building, an event, or a meeting. The church is a people who are in deep relationship with each other around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to walk together toward Christlikeness. So we will be inviting you to build those relationships in small groups. These groups need to be a group where you can (1) Belong, (2) Be Built Up, and (3) Be Cared for. To sign up, use the link below or reach out to our staff for more information about small groups.

North Florida Baptist Church Engage 2024


God has a plan to reach those around you, and His plan is you. He wants to use you where you live, work, learn, and play. This year we want to help prepare and activate you to effectively represent Jesus to those who are in your circles of influence.

North Florida Baptist Church Engage 2024


God’s plan is for people from every nation and language to be saved. So as a church we must engage the mission around the world. We plan to begin to engage that global mission. Our focus is to begin to engage the least reached in the World. We want to send and support people as missionaries to as many unreached people groups as possible. We will also be planning some short term trips to help overseas partners in their work of representing Jesus to the unreached. Be on the lookout for information about upcoming events and short term trips.

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